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Glamour by Jim would like to hear from ladies 18 years of age and older; who are interested in modeling opportunities.  Each month we receive requests from prospective models who need professional modeling images. The Form to the right  will make contacting us easier.


Time Permitting, we offer Test Photo Sessions for prospective models. These are commonly called Time For CD sessions (TFCD), and are for models who are getting started, or who want to know what modeling is all about.  No money changes hands for these sessions.  


I reserve the right to meet the prospective model before any decision is made on committing to a photo session.  I reserve the right to accept or decline a request for a Test Photo Session.


In return for a Model Release to use the images on my web site, we give the model a CD of selected images.    Model Release is required before any photography begins. The Model Release states that the model is at least 18 - (photo ID required), and  images produced during the session will be used for model or photographer promotion - no images can be sold.  View Sample


We look for models for magazine submission  and other paid assignments.  These are paid by the hour, and the requirements of the job dictate the rate of pay.  These jobs will require a full Model Release (with no restrictions).  View Sample