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Here is the short version of questions I have gotten from models over the years:

Carved in stone.  No drugs, alcohol, or smoking.  If I even suspect a model is under the influence the shoot is over immediately.  Do not even think about bringing drugs to a shoot. I am a former smoker, so I respect that models may need to have a cigarette break.

Carved in stone II.  Most of my initial contact with a model is thru her images on MM or OMP.  I will choose to work with her or not based upon her appearance, and how she looking in her images and who shot the images.  So .... if your images are several years old (and you do not look like that anymore); or your hair is now styles in a green mohawk, or you have gained 50 pounds, or have given birth (and your boobs look like someone else's) ..... I want to know.  This needs to be clearly understood ----  If you show up NOT looking like the model in the images ---- I reserve the right to end the shoot before  we start.  If you show up for a shoot looking like you have not slept in a week, and are totally unprepared ---  I reserve the right to end the shoot before  we start.

How shoot time is calculated?

The following three policies are very important, and you will need to agree to them before we schedule the shoot.  

     Delayed arrival?

If the start is delayed by traffic, or any other reason, AS LONG AS THE MODEL CALLS/TEXTS AND TELLS ME, I don't have a problem.  If the delay is going to more than an hour I reserve the right to cancel the shoot.

     Leaving early?

Model must notify me if she need to leave before the time she agreed upon.  The amount of money she is paid will be reduced by the amount of time leaving early.  I will not pay for time I did not use.  If this is more than a half hour of leaving early  -  I reserve the right to cancel the shoot.  

     Shoot  Time defined?      Shoot time (the clock) begins when the first image is taken.   Some models think it begins when they leave their house, or when they can see the location, or when they begin to put on their make up on.   Drive time,  makeup time are the models responsibility - and I do not pay for them. 

These three things need to be agreed to before we schedule a model session........

What can a model expect from me?

She can expect to be treated with respect.  I am an easy going person, I do not yell or scream - I am not a prima donna.  I know how to get a model to give her best during  the shoot. I do not touch models - unless I ask first - such as a hand or foot.  I have been working with models of all experience levels for over 25 years.

I do not shoot fetish (and generally will not work with models who do).  I do not shoot porn either movies or stills.  I do not supply content to any other web site, so you will not be seeing yourself in a bunch of seedy internet web sites.

She can expect to be paid cash at the end of the shoot - after she has signed a model release at the beginning of the shoot.  We don't begin to shoot until the Model release is signed.

What do I expect from a model?

A photo session with me is not a date.  It is a business arrangement that both of us get something from.

I expect models to be ready to shoot when they arrive at the shoot - mentally and physically.  The model's makeup should be mostly done, and just need touch up.  

If a model is a no-show I will never work with her again - no exceptions.  And, I will spread the word.  I expect a model to be on time, if she is going to be late I should have received a phone call as soon as a problem arises.  If you are having a bad day try to leave it behind.

Experienced models bring a lot of modeling experience to a shoot, and I am always open to a model's creative ideas.

Please --- no crazy color nails.  Nothng dates an image quicker than some color that went out of style last week.  Please --- finger and toe nails -  clear or French style.

If we are shooting nudes - I do not want natural full pubic hair.  Prefer no pubic hair or very small amount - landing strip style.  This will come up early in our discussions.

What  about wardrobe for the shoot?

If we are doing a two to three hour shoot I want at least four to five different outfits.  Hotel or studio shoots - I am generally looking for sexy dresses / lingerie / matching bra and panty sets.  Outfilt need to be appropriate  for the location.   Beach shoots - Generally tend to be two hours (because of the light).  Bring  4 to 5 bikinis - some beaches do not allow Tee back bikini bottoms.  So bring some of each bottom style.

Leave all your watches and rings at home.  The jewelry you wear should compliment the outfit you are wearing.

 I will have some wardrobe, but it is always nice to shoot with different stuff.  If you have the classic pump/high heels please bring them.

What is the sequence of events of a typical photo shoot?

I  will need to photograph you and your photo id of you at the beginning of the shoot.

Model will need to sign a Model Release.

Model  will be paid at the end of the shoot - if this is a paid shoot.

If  you need to see a copy of the model release, I will attach one to an email  

Do I allow escorts, boyfriends, mothers, girlfriends or other ne'er-do-well's to accompany models?

Very simply put - not much - and I will not agree to it.  Every time I have agreed to a model bringing a BF, parents or girlfriend, I have been sorry.  Bar None.  So, my studio policy is  ask the model to check my references.  She may contact any model on my "favorites section" of my MM page - MM #20088.   If this is not good enough  then we do not shoot.

Do I get images from the shoot?  

If it is a TF... shoot, yes you will.  If this is a paid shoot, unless we make some other arrangements, the answer is NO.  I am paying for models skills and I expect to have exclusive use of the images.  This one is always open for discussion - before the end of the shoot.  Sometimes I can be sweet talked into some images for extra shoot time.  Generally, I will give a model a few images for her promotion sites - Model Mayhem or Facebook.  Generally, I will ask for/ and give TAGS ABOUT THE SHOOT And if any images are displayed, that proper photo credit links - back to me should be  in place.

What am I looking for in model images?

I am looking for images that have the Playboy Special Editions look to them.  Models will need to be skilled in their own hair and makeup.

Generally the majority (60%) of the session will be implied sexy images, 40% topless / Playboy nudes. This will depend  on what we agreed upon before the shoot.  Styles are open for discussion and may change due to my goals for the shoot.  

What will happen to the images we shoot?

This is the question that separates the Models from the 'wannabees'.  When I get this question from a model that I am paying, I know she is  not really a pro.  If I am paying a model she will sign a standard Model Release and, she has no say in what I do with the images.  

This having been said - If a model has some question about the images, I will of course agree - but this discussion has to be very early in the discussion about shooting - not after images have been taken.  I have photographed many girls in Playboy style, and do not publish them on my web site or submit to magazines.  I do reserve the right to have Playboy style images of anyone in my paper portfolio.

General use of images.  Implied images will be used on my web site.  Nude and topless will go in my printed portfolio, tasteful topless or nude on Model Mayhem.  I reserve the right to sell the images at a later date

Please bring your sense of humor.  Looking forward to working with you.